What is swap?

Swap is a surprise package, that you can exchange with anyone around the world. It’s only up to you if you arrange a swap of goodies, cosmetics or of your favourite books. You just mix the package accordingly to your Swap theme, and the rest is up to your creativity. Don’t forget to wrap it up!:-)

Discover other cultures, meet new friends and most importantly have fun while preparing someone a surprise!

How to start?

Using the search engine you can find a swap that is those closest to your focus. If you find something you are interested in, show your interest by clicking ”I’m interested” button. The Swap sponsor then chooses an applicant he finds most suitable. If you are happy enough to be that applicant, you will receive swap confirmation shortly . You can also create new swap using the INSERT SWAP button.

5 important rules

  1. 1

    Swap only new, unused items. If you reach an agreement to trade second hand items, dont forget to label them as SECOND HAND.

  2. 2

    Focus on common interests.

    In each user's profile you will find exactly what he likes and what he would like to find in the swap and also what would he hate. Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Do not forget to adjust the settings of your interests!

  3. 3

    Choose the value of the swap.

    Adhere to agreed swap value and try to not exceed the value. You will avoid conflict and disappointment. Never send a swap under the agreed value.

  4. 4

    Take care!

    You can also attach a letter in which you describe why did you swap the item you chose. It will please both sides. Try also to nicely wrap the package, best each item separately. The swap will then become second Christmas!

  5. 5

    Send packages by registered post.

    Wrap the package carefully to avoid damage on the way, especially if the recipient is far away. You can give the package number to recipient as soon as you send the package, so it’s easy to track.

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Do not forget to rate the Swap! With good rating you will have more users choose you can also give preference to the users with the best score. With each rating, you can post a photograph to make the selection easy for other users.

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Home decor, garden, kitchen


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Hair accessories, jewelry, jewelry


Clothes, shoes, accessories


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Buyers, toys or food for pets of all kinds

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Items may be second hand

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