Questions and answers

Before you contact us with a problem please read these answers.


What is a swap?
Swap is a surprise package, that you can exchange with anyone around the world. It’s only up to you if you arrange a swap of goodies, cosmetics or for example of your favourite books.
How do I get started?
Just register and create a profile on, paste a swap and wait for applicants!
For who is Swapping?
Everyone who likes surprises, trying new things and spreading joy.
I agreed to swap with a user and didn’t get nothing in return, what now?
First try to contact the user, and express your concerns about fraud, or losing the package. If other side is not responsive, or refuses to send package, please contact us at this E-mail address: If your complaint checks out and it’s proved that you are in the right, we will block the user, and you shouldn’t forget to give him a negative rating.