Cosmetics for food! ♥

600 Kč

Dobry den, ladies! I am back with more lovely Asian cosmetics.
I am doing swaps to exchange some new beauty products I hauled for food.
Don't worry, I personalize my swaps according to our discussion.
Do view my previous swaps to get an idea. :)
Looking for only serious swappers who can fulfill the following! (Please read)


I really love ONLY the following food products. My house is next to Tesco/ Lidl so it would be nice if you know where else to get the food and introduce me to some nice things! For me quality is more important than quantity.

Would love to get these only;
1. Honey-- acacia/ organic/ manuka
2. Asian food ingredients- uncooked noodles, rice noodles, sauces
3. Savoury snacks- spicy chips (except wasabi), cashew, pistachio, etc
6. Cheese spreads, cream -- anything nice, no eidam, prosim :P
6. Ask me for anything else :)

This swap will include some expensive Asian beauty items exceeding the swap price;
Skincare products like Moisturizer, Creams, Masks, Facial Cleanser, some makeup; Lip color, Eyeliner, etc

We can discuss everything after you accept the swap (if chosen). Feel free to comment ☺

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Komentáře ke swapu


KřehkáFigurka | 14.05.2015 13:00

I'm so sorry but the price of the package is about 600 crowns. Matcha tea (you wrote you love green tea) cost about 300 crowns in our republic, but I decided change its price in half for our swap. :)

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Stella | 14.05.2015 13:40

No it's okay...I didn't know the price of the green tea. Thank you for the Asian goodies, I do really love them! :)

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KřehkáFigurka | 14.05.2015 19:18

*around (sorry for autocorrect) .
Not every green tea is so expensive only the green tea powder (called Matcha). I wanted for you something special. :)

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Stella | 14.05.2015 20:06

I will try it soon! Thanks, dear. I wanted to write, but the swap page disappeared, do you want me to post back the wrong item?

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KřehkáFigurka | 14.05.2015 22:10

Yes, it would be nice. Please, write me here your email address where I'll write you message with details (about repayment shipping via Paypal for the "wrong" item). :)

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